Parents Need Hobbies Too

It’s unfortunate to be of an age when the world, with its infinitely new and changing sights, smells, sounds, colors, and stories, is a constant source of wonderment and learning – and yet, it is closed to you.

Our children learn so much from what they see around them, and if all they see around them begins with the kitchen of your house and ends with the living room, their learning will be just as limited. 

If all they hear are the sounds of the washing machine, the microwave, and the arguments centered around the 8 o’ clock news on television, they will limit the voices in their heads to just these.

Children need the stimulus of new words, diverse languages, songs, rhymes, laughter and theatrics, to help with speech development, a crucial part of the growth of the human brain. Limiting a child’s external stimulus to what they hear within the house, may keep them from fully developing their speech and vocabulary.

Children also need the stimulus of movement, not only to burn off the cabin fever they develop as a result of being confined to limited spaces, but also to teach them how to express themselves in different ways. Movement helps them build a relationship with their bodies and with personal space. It is also a source of great joy to children, who love to explore their natural rhythms.

The stimulus of colors gives them an outlet to their creativity. Art, sculpting, building, and modeling, helps them think both critically and creatively. The touch stimulus is activated in children, who love to feel things with their own little hands, and love molding things according to the creative thoughts and ideas their little minds conjure up. Working with colors helps children feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Science and its curiosities are a stimulus unto themselves. Whether its understanding numbers, coding, the planets, the chemical properties of the food they eat, or the geology of rocks, helping children build a passion for science and technology from an early age gives an advantage to not only their minds, but also benefits the society around them, which reaps the benefits of a sharp new generation.

Clearly, children need a whole world to learn from. And a world on lockdown should not mean children should be locked out of it. Their minds and bodies will not stop growing, with or without a lockdown. This means that all the stimulus they need for this growth, will still need to be provided to them. 

Parents and families are their children’s first providers and teachers. But it also takes a village to raise a child. And sometimes, that village comes to you to help you raise your child – especially when times are as crazy as this, we all need all the help we can get.

Hobbies are one way in which we can explore both our natural skills, and interact with the village outside. Hobby classes provide children with a range of external stimuli, in a controlled manner. And since children learn by seeing as well as doing, helping them see their parents participate enthusiastically in skill development acts as a natural motivator.

Picking up a new language can go a long way in looking good on our CVs, for example, and picking up yoga can help build our immunity. Or a skill just for the fun of it, like art or sculpture, can be deeply rewarding and engaging – there’s a reason why coloring books for adults are among the most picked up items at airport bookstores! And speaking of airports, since we can’t physically be present in Paris, greeting your children with a “bonjour” in the morning, while the family gets busy preparing crepes together, can feel just as good, if done together. And who can say no to a cooking class if there’s crepes or cupcakes or pizza at the end of it?

Some of our passions we get to explore throughout our lives, such as travel and food, and some lie dormant, even if we were passionate about it once.. remember the joy with which you sang your heart out as a kid? Why not bring the joy back, and not only pass that passion and joy down to the next generation, but share it with them?

Come, hunt for some new hobbies and chase some joy with us, here at Hobby Hunt.